Hitit Receives | An Award At The ‘Best Of Sales Awards’

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Hitit, a leading airline and travel industry technology provider, received an award in the Best of Sales Awards (BoSA) 2023 competition, organized for the 5th consecutive year by the Sales Network Platform to reward outstanding IT projects, applications, and approaches that perform well in sales. Hitit was awarded the silver medal in the “Technology Partner Contributing to Digitalization of Sales” category in the evaluation conducted by independent jury members.

Hitit increased its R&D investments, which included AI applications, cloud technologies, and new business lines, by utilising a significant portion of the funds resulting from Hitit’s successful IPO launch in March 2022. Providing its airline partners with a Cloud-based, both modern and flexible Reservation and Passenger Services System, Hitit supports airlines’ omnichannel digital sales strategies with consistently updated technologies and flexible capabilities through close collaboration with its airline partners – thus winning an award again at the Sales Network Best of Sales Awards.

Hitit, a leading airline and travel industry technology provider, has once again won an award at the “Best of Sales Awards” (BoSA), organized by Sales Network, for its innovative applications that have contributed to the digital transformation of the sales process. The award was given to Hitit in the category “technology partner contributing to the digitalization of sales” by an independent jury comprising Sales Network’s corporate members.

The award being received by Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Hitit’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and the Hitit Sales Department. Ms. Karaağaç stated that due to industry trends being accelerated by the pandemic, trends which had been detected before the pandemic, airlines have gradually become “digital retailers”. Therefore, it has become essential for companies to respond to travelers’ rapidly changing shopping habits quickly, regardless of their area of activity. Traditional airline sales systems are struggling to adapt to this complex structure.

Hitit’s cloud-based Reservation and Passenger Services solution meets the needs of airline companies, enabling them to better evaluate commercial opportunities. Hitit enables its partners to implement their digitalization agendas in short order, and attain high sales figures using targeted low-cost strategies that focus on direct sales channels.

34 % of the revenue is allocated to R&D and innovative technologies

Ms. Karaağaç stated that Hitit has been allocating its income obtained from the its succcessful IPO launch in 2022 to innovative technologies R&D. She said:

“Last year, we accelerated development investments that included AI applications, cloud technologies, and new business lines, making a US$6.4M R&D and US$3.8M licensing investment. This also accelerated Hitit’s successful expansion into international markets, and we achieved a very high RFP success rate, winning 50%+ of tenders we submitted last year.”

“In 2022, we signed 18 new agreements that involved onboarding 16 new Hitit Partners and initiating two new technology consultancy/software projects. Hitit is one of Türkiye’s foremost technology exporters. 85% of our revenues stem from exports. By signing our first partnership agreement in Australia in 2022, we have expanded our market footprint to cover six continents. We export our software at Hitit to 64 Partners located in 47 countries worldwide. We will reap the benefits of our investments in innovative technologies in the coming years.”



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