Hitit, PIA Jointly Move | Pakistan’s Travel Industry Forward In 2022

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and PIA’s IT partner Hitit continue to work together to move Pakistan’s travel industry forward in 2022 with new initiatives.

Hitit, Turkey’s largest exporter of aviation technology software and one of the leading global providers of airline and travel solutions, has been partnering with PIA and is the driving force behind PIA’s modernization of its digital capabilities and processes since 2018. This partnership has significantly contributed to the greater travel industry in Pakistan as a whole, thanks to its close cooperation with travel agencies and the widespread deployment of the Crane Agent Portal Plus (APP) – a travel sales platform provided by Hitit.

Throughout 2021 there were several significant value additions in Crane reservation APP, updates in Departure Control and the Weight & Balance systems, and new integrations in PIA’s mobile application and loyalty system. Among key plans for 2022, the primary focus is on the improvement of PIA’s passenger’s digital experience, as well as facilitating airlines’ B2B customers. The objective is to make PIA an airline – easy to do business with, through further development of PIA’s airline retailing capabilities in line with the latest IATA ARM (Airline Retailing Maturity) standards, for which Hitit is among the few certified technology providers in the world.

Hitit and PIA will jointly cooperate to implement these projects that will benefit its passengers,  travel agency community, and accelerate PIA’s omnichannel sales. Hitit and PIA have jointly aimed to make PIA among the first group of airlines globally with an ARM certification. In parallel to this, several other projects like interline EMDs, rule-based inventory management, etc. will also be implemented that will increase PIA’s ancillary capabilities and revenues In this year.



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