Hitit Gathers | PIA’s Top Management And Travel Agents In Lahore & Islamabad In Iftar Dinners

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After Karachi, Hitit continued its Iftar dinners for its travel agents partners in Lahore and
Islamabad and celebrated together the Holy month of Ramadan Kareem. The events
brought together travel agents from across the region to break their fast and enjoy an
evening of festivities.

Hitit, a leading provider of airline and travel IT solutions, hosted an Iftar dinners for its
travel agents in Lahore on Monday, April 3rd, and also on Thursday, April 6th in
Islamabad to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan. The events brought together Hitit’s
partners and travel agents in the regions to break their fast together and celebrate the
occasion. The Iftar Dinner in Islamabad hosted PIA’s Management Team and
distinguished figures from the city’s travel industry. PIA’s CEO AVM Amir Hayat, PIA’s
CCO Mr. Nausherwan Adil, PIA’s CIO Mr. Saqlain Gardezi, PIA’s GM Pax Sales Mr.
Muhammad Shafique, PIA’s GM RM Arshad Durrani, and PIA’s GM Cargo Faisal Kharal
honored Hitit with their participation in the Iftar. Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Paçacı
was also another honored guest at the dinner.

Ms. Gamze Basar, Hitit’s Sales and Channel Management Coordinator in Pakistan,
expressed her gratitude and honor for hosting these Iftar dinners in various provinces of
Pakistan. Emphasizing her pleasure to come together with valuable travel agencies
beyond business purposes, she said “Today, we are delighted to welcome you, honored
by our meritorious travel agents, and senior officials of PIA presents. This event
combines us with the 5th times in Ramadan in Pakistan and I hope, we will experience
many more. Thank you for creating value for the Pakistan airline and travel industry with
us, we are so glad for our partnership.”

Hitit is very delighted to have established very close bonds with both PIA and travel
agencies during its five years in Pakistan. Hitit would like to stay here for many more
years and contribute more to the airline and travel industries of Pakistan, a brother
country with Türkiye. Iftar dinners provided an opportunity for Hitit to strengthen its
relationships with its travel agent Partners and show gratitude for their constant support.



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