Hitit ContinuesTrainings To Develop Pakistan’s Airline &Travel Sectors

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KARACHI: Hitit continues its ongoing training process in May. Following a very
productive workshop series for travel agencies, Hitit organized a new training for PIA’s
reservation and finance teams. Hitit embraced different branches in the training
consisting of two different stages and met with many trainees who received their
certificates after the training. PIA Karachi District Manager Mr. Ayaz Mahmood, who
participated in all stages of the training, added significant value to the training with his
presence and knowledge. Hitit will keep the training series going in the coming days.

Hitit, one of the world’s leading airline and travel technology companies, continues its
training series without interruption. Following the free workshop series on Hitit’s agency
platform CraneAPP solutions, Hitit organized a new training series for PIA District Sales
Office staff. The training was held on May 5, 2023 at the PIA District Sales Office in
Karachi and the esteemed District Manager Mr. Ayaz Mahmood honored Hitit and the
trainees with his attendance.

The free and comprehensive training consisted of two phases: reservation & ticketing
and finance. The reservation & ticketing training was attended by reservation staff at
ticketing counters as well as sales promotion staff at PIA’s District Sales Office. The
two-way training was very productive with a question-and-answer session on system
functionalities. The trainees learned a lot of useful information and updates about the
award-winning Hitit Crane PAX solution. Invoice management was covered in detail in
the other training attended by the finance team led by Finance Manager Mr. Jai Dev

More than 20 employees attended both trainings and all trainees received Hitit branded
certificates. Hitit will keep the training series going in the coming days.

For more information about Hitit’s solutions and services, please visit www.hitit.com



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