Hitit Continues | Close Collaboration With Its Travel Partners

LAHORE: To boost Pakistan’s travel industry, Hitit is working hand in hand with its partner travel agencies in the country. The company recently met with top agents in Lahore to build upon its strong relationship with them, gather their feedback about Crane Agent Portal Plus, and provide them support to improve their experience. During the visit, Hitit also met with executives from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The two sides discussed opportunities for future cooperation and exchanged certificates of appreciation. As part of its commitment to Pakistan’s travel industry, Hitit will continue to work closely with local travel agencies and airlines to improve their experience using our systems and help grow tourism in the country.

Hitit continues to maintain strong ties with Pakistan’s travel agencies. Between 6-9 June 2022, Hitit’s Sales & Channel Management Coordinator Ms. Gamze Başar and Business Relationship Manager Ms. Asma Kanwal met with a total of 13 travel agencies in Lahore, with a focus on meeting the top PIA Passenger Sales Agents (PSA) and IATA agencies who utilize the Hitit Crane Agent Portal Plus. During this visit, productive meetings were held with Voyage International, Going Places, American Express Group Travel Services Lahore, Citicenter Travels, Travel Channel International, Bokhari Brothers, Zainabia Aviation, Sahil Travels, Samina Enterprise, Fly Travel Channel, Saim Choudhary Travels, A&A Aviation, and Tours Views. Hitit’s features and capabilities as well as ways to improve communication and collaboration with the travel agencies were addressed in these meetings.

Hitit also visited the PIA District Sales Office in Lahore. Meetings were held with the PIA Passenger Sales Manager team, Sales team, and the Ticketing Office team to discuss how to improve passengers’ travel experiences. Hitit presented a certificate of appreciation to the Lahore office and commended the team for their hard work and dedication.

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