Hitit and PIA Meet With Travel Partners In Saidu Sharif

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SAIDU SHARIF: Hitit and PIA have been organizing a series of events aimed at
increasing cooperation between Hitit and PIA’s travel agents. The latest event, which
was held in Saidu Sharif, proved particularly fruitful for both parties. Hitit and PIA hope
to continue these events through 2023 as a way of expressing their gratitude for the
cooperation they have received from travel agents.

Hitit is one of the world’s leading airline and travel technology companies. It provides
technology for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), as well as Crane Agent Portal Plus
— a cutting edge software solution for travel agencies across the country – that helps
them manage their operations. Hitit’s branch in Pakistan recently sponsored an event at
Saidu Sharif along with PIA. This was one of many events Hitit and PIA hosted this

Hitit recognizes the importance of its relationship with PIA and Pakistani travel agents,
working together to help grow Pakistan’s tourism sector. Hitit is proud of the
partnerships it has with 64 airlines worldwide. However, its longstanding relationship
with PIA and Pakistani travel agents remains one of Hitit’s most significant
achievements to date. With this history, Hitit has been dedicated to expressing their
gratitude by recognizing and thanking those who have made this success possible.
Hitit’s partnership with PIA and close collaboration with travel agents will further
strengthen the strong position of Pakistan’s travel sector in the Asian industry. Hitit is
thrilled to continue working together in the years ahead!



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