Hitit and PIA | Gather With Travel Partners In Karachi

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KARACHI:  Hitit and PIA came together with travel agents for a series of events across Pakistan. Following Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar, this time in Karachi, the meeting was a productive event with travel agents. The series of events will continue throughout 2023. During these events, Hitit and PIA have the opportunity to thank our agents for their cooperation. This time, Hitit also distributed the top award shields to the successful agents.

Hitit, one of the world’s leading airline and travel technology companies and PIA’s technology provider, works in close cooperation with travel agencies with its Crane APP software solution. Hitit’s branch in Pakistan visits travel agencies at every opportunity. On December 16th, Hitit and PIA met with travel agents in Karachi. The top selling agents were invited to these events and in the coming days events will be organized in six more locations across Pakistan.

The relationship with PIA and travel agents is one of Hitit’s top priorities. Although Hitit has more than 62 airline partners worldwide, Pakistan’s place in Hitit’s heart has always been special. Therefore, Hitit always wants to show its gratitude. Thanks to Hitit and PIA’s fruitful cooperation, significant achievements in Pakistan’s travel industry are expected to continue.



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