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Written by Ch. Faisal Mehmood

We would like to wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to all our readers, patrons and the whole Muslim Ummah. The Holy month of Ramadan and the festival of Eid is the largest event for the Muslims world over. We do remember that on last year Eid people of Karachi were in the state of shock because of brutal murder of world famous Qawwal Amjad Sabri and massive target killing in Quetta. All these somewhat over shadowed the all happiness and festivities of Eid but this year, with the grace of Almighty Allah peace prevails in whole Pakistan. In this Ramazan people of Pakistan are whole-heartedly praying Allah for his bounties to descend upon our country in the shape of peace and prosperity.

The people of Karachi are right now passing through a difficult time. Those who are not capable to handle the amenities and civic problem of the Mega City are governing the bread earner of Pakistan, Karachi. When only 5 days are left in Eid, Karachi is facing the worse problem of shortage of water and electricity. All major roads of Karachi have, one way or the other some development work going on, causing traffic jam and resultantly hardship and tension to poor commuters in state of fasting.

Of course, the well-planned terrorism in Pakistan was not meant only to destroy lives and property but also to demoralize the nation and destroy whatever festivities , national events , tourism and trade it has. Thank God things are very much improved security point of view but still it is the responsibility of us all to make efforts to keep the Nation spirit high, balance and peace loving theoretically, ideologically and religiously.

Tourism however can play the most vital role of binding the nation through healthy interaction of people. The healing powers of tourism, provides a platform for better understanding of all section of society. This menace, however we can and will handle together but who will solve our infrastructural problems and issues? that is still not clear, as for as Karachi is concerned.



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