Ghafoor nominated As | UNWTO Representative of Pakistan

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RAWALPINDI: The UNWTO Experts including Harry Hwang and George Drakopoulos Wednesday nominated Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director, PTDC as UNWTO Representative of Pakistan. The announcement of nominating Ghafoor Khan as UNWTO representative of Pakistan was made in a meeting held at the PTDC head office, Rawalpindi.

The meeting was participated by Harry Hwang, George Drakopoulos participants of National Consultation Workshop while Managing Director, Ghafoor Khan chaired the meeting.

After the nomination of Ghafoor Khan as UNWTO representative, the UNWTO Experts were shown videos of different beautiful places of Pakistan which attract the foreign tourists. The experts at the end praised the beautiful destinations including mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, deserts, greenery , scenic beauty and described Pakistan a truly Paradise country.

This was followed by discussions on the ways and means the UNWTO could help PTDC in tourism sector.

Out of 11 suggestions presented in the two day National Consultation Workshop organized on January 29 and 30, discussions on three points were made on which the UNWTO could provide assistance to PTDC.

Speaking Harry Hwang and George Drakopoulos briefed that UNWTO could provide technical assistance to PTDC to develop an action plan for development of tourism in Pakistan on sustainable basis. Similarly the organization could establish linkages of Pakistan with tourism and hospitality training institutes in other countries to providing scholarships to Pakistani students and officials to attend training programs as it would help in filling the gap in human resource development in tourism sector.

The meeting also agreed to form Joint Commission between PTDC and UNWTO members which would hold meetings on boosting tourism sector in Pakistan besides discussing matters related to hold International Conferences on tourism.

According to the decision taken the joint commission meeting would now be held next year in April 2019.



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