Gerry’s Conducts | A session on Personal Grooming

KARACHI: Last Week  Gerry’s International’s Human Resource Department arranged an interactive session exclusively for its female employees on “Personal Grooming and Beauty” by a famous beautician in the media industry Mrs. Angie Marshall, who has won several international awards as well as appeared on famous TV shows for her amazing skills.

Mrs. Angie Marshall is a renowned Beautician from Angie’s Salon & Institute. The main focus of the session revolved around personal grooming by teaching via live examples and guiding employees about personal appearance, how to take care of their skin and appropriate makeup application. Also to have a better understanding of the importance of certain “beauty”/grooming basics as a guideline and foundation to healthy living.

The prime purpose of the session was to address the importance of formal corporate look and careful grooming techniques to improve one’s personal appearance as well as build on a positive self-esteem and self-image. Emphasis was given to techniques related to women, specifically focusing on hygiene, skin care, cosmetics and hair care.

Towards the end of the session a token of gratitude was presented to Mrs. Angie. Furthermore, to appreciate and reward some of the most hardworking females the manage decided to conclude the session with a lucky draw for all the participants along with exclusive high-tea.



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