From Cuisine to Chronicle | Shanaz Presents Her Latest Book To Pakistani Diaspora In US

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VIRGINIA:  A remarkable book launch event took place in Virginia, where prominent author, Shanaz Ramzi unveiled her latest literary creation to an enthusiastic audience. The event showcased the introduction of “Oxford Companion to Pakistani Cuisine” by Shanaz Ramzi, as well as the launch of Chaska Galiyon Ka by Qamar Bana, to an expatriate audience in the US. The event was hosted by an avid book reader and Book Club member Nasreen Dossani at her residence. Both books were met with resounding acclaim, leaving an indelible mark on attendees.

Shanaz Ramzi’s Oxford Companion to Pakistani Cuisine is a culinary masterpiece that intricately explores the rich tapestry of flavors, traditions, and stories behind Pakistani cuisine. With a deep understanding of cultural nuances, Ramzi’s book not only serves as an invaluable reference book on anything related to Pakistan’s cuisine – be it the ingredients or utensils used in their preparation, or the method employed — but also as a cultural journey that celebrates the heartwarming essence of Pakistani culinary heritage.

On the other hand, Qamar Bana’s Chaska Galiyon Ka delves into the evocative realms of prose, weaving together emotions, memories, and experiences of the vastly unexplored streets of Karachi, with the eloquence that defines Bana’s writing style. Through vivid language and poignant narratives in both English and Urdu, the book resonates with readers by capturing the essence of life’s intricate emotions.

The book launch event saw the authors engaging with the attendees through discussions and personal anecdotes that shed light on their creative processes. Attendees were captivated by the insights shared by both authors, gaining a deeper understanding of the inspirations that fueled their literary endeavors.

Furthermore, the book signing session that followed the presentations saw overwhelming demand, resulting in a complete sellout for both titles. Attendees were eager to obtain signed copies of the books, demonstrating the impact that Shanaz Ramzi’s and Qamar Bana’s works have already had on their readership.

The successful book launch event not only celebrated the literary achievements of Shanaz Ramzi and Qamar Bana but also highlighted the enduring power of the written word to bridge cultures, evoke emotions, and spark meaningful conversations.



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