Flynas Carries | Over 6m Passengers in 2018

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RIYADH: Saudi low-cost carrier flynas carried a total of 6.6 million passengers on 60,000 domestic and international flights during 2018.

The increase in the number of passengers was a result of the increasing number of flights and destinations in line with flynas’ expansion plans, noted Bander Al-Mohanna, chief executive officer of flynas.

The growth rate in passenger numbers is an extension of flynas’ previous successes and expansion plans in the domestic and international market, as it had launched 11 new destinations in 2018, he stressed.

“This year’s results confirm that flynas continues to be the best travel choice in the kingdom, which further enhances our future ambitions to expand and reach new destinations,” said Al-Mohanna.

In 2019, flynas will continue with its expansion strategy, and new destinations will be launched on a new fleet of 120 A320neo aircraft purchased from Airbus for a total value of SR32 billion ($8.5 billion), to be delivered successively in 2019.



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