First Germany Now New Zealand | Wellington Announces Tourist Tax Plans

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WELLINGTON: New Zealand could introduce a tourist tax of $25 to enter the country. The New Zealand Labour Party has stated that they would introduce the tax by the end of their first term if they got into power.

The proposal will create a “Tourism and Conservation Infrastructure Fund” which will invest $75 million back into the tourism economy.This will be funded by a $25 entry fee for travellers entering the country.

However, with tourists already charged $22, this is almost doubling the price that is put to holidaymakers.

The $22 fee was added in 2015, broken down by $16 to enter and $6 to leave.Kris Faafoi, the Labour’s tourism spokesperson, commented on the additional $25 fee.

She stated: “It’s only fair that the cost of these important projects is recouped from the international visitors that enjoy them.

“The Tourism and Conservation Infrastructure Fund will ensure New Zealand has the infrastructure and attractions needed to support tourism, and that our natural treasures that bring so many visitors here are protected and enhanced for future generations.”




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