Festivities & Traditional Games | Three-day Broghil Festival Concludes

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CHITRAL: The three-day Broghil festival concluded at the Broghil National Park in Upper Chitral district last week.

The festival was organized by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) and the Upper Chitral district administration. Many traditional games including horse, yak and donkey polo, buzkashi, marathon race, tug-of-war, wrestling, music were part of the three-day festival.

PTI district president Abdul Latif, other office-bearers and Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral were the chief guest on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, the deputy commissioner said the PTI government was committed to promoting tourism in the province. “Provincial Senior Minister for Sports and Tourism Atif Khan had directed us to make proper arrangements for highlighting different aspects of the ancient and unique Wakhi culture,” he added. The deputy commissioner also lauded the NGOs and department concerned for their efforts to make the event a success.

The TCKP Managing Director, Junaid Khan, said that they had made proper arrangements for the event. He said a large number of tourists had come to the far-off area of Chitral to enjoy the festival. “A tent village had been established to facilitate the tourists,” the official said, adding that there were opportunities for tourists to participate in the thrilling adventure tourism activities in the remote scenic spot. The spectators enjoyed the yak polo which was played at an altitude of 13,600 feet above the sea level. Broghil is the home of Chiantar glacier surrounded by many other glaciers, which feed the Chitral River while the Kurambar Lake is said to be biologically active lake supporting a wide range of diversity.

The Broghil valley, bordering the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan, is situated about 250km from Chitral city. Its extended glaciers, incredible wildlife, scattered wetlands, rich wilderness, green meadows and mighty mountains are the main tourism potential of the area.

Established in 2010, the Broghil National Park is a treasure of wild indigenous and migratory fauna especially of Pamirian and Siberian bird species.



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