Exploring Balochi Culture & Cuisine | An Exceptional Food Festival At Pearl Continental Karachi

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KARACHI: From the 6th to 10th of December 2017, Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi hosted the Balochi Food Festival at Chandni Restaurant. Events like these are of great importance as not only do they give the respective province or country the recognition they deserve but also allow people to learn more about different cultures and promote tourism which should not only be commended but also encouraged.

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The five day event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Rahila Hameed Khan Durrani, Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan and Guest of Honor Sardar Shoukat Popalzai, President – Balochistan Economic Forum. Also present were Mr. Jeffery Scott Sussman General Manager PC Karachi and Mr. Aslam Khan Hotel Manager.

To provide all guests with a bona fide Balochi experience and to keep them entertained throughout the evening, Folk artists and musicians were brought in from the Balochistan province. The restaurant was also adorned in typical Balochi designs in regards to the festival.

During the Balochi Food Festival an extensive buffet range of famous sublime dishes were offered from the distinct and diverse Balochistan Province. The main purpose of the festival was to cater and provide food enthusiasts of the city with a vast variety of authentic and delicious Balochi cuisine. This was ensured this by using the finest ingredients, packing each dish with flavor and cooking it to perfection along with providing all guests with an excellent service resulting in a memorable dining experience. Chandni Restaurant remained fully packed through the night.



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