An Enormous Aeroplane | Boeing Drew in The American Sky

SEATTLE: A Boeing 787-8 has taken off on a 17-hour flight above the USA, starting and finishing in Seattle. It’s a flight path? A massive outline of itself.

Flight BOE4 filed a Dreamliner-shaped flight plan before setting off at 15:38 PDT on August 2nd, PDT. It returned to Boeing Field, officially King County International Airport, around 17 hours later on August 3rd.

The aircraft flew out of Washington State, passing over Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnestota and Michigan before beginning to draw the plane’s outline, starting with a wing tip.

Boeing’s pilots completed the route with the ‘nose’ of the aircraft in Wyoming and the left wing tip in Texas, not far from the border with Mexico. The very tail of the plane is near Huntsville, Alabama.



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