Enjoy Fat-Free Biryani | POHTM’s Expert Chefs Cook For You

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KARACHI: Biryani is not only one of the favourite dishes of Pakistanis, but it is also a rich calorie food in terms of spices, oil and other ingredients. Realizing the demand of healthy and fat-free food, students of Professional Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management (POHTM) under the supervision of expert Chefs were given the task to prepare Biryani free from any kind of fat.

Remarkably, students not only prepared the oil-free dish with zero fat, but successfully produced the same taste as any sumptuous and nutritious Biryani would have. This was done after rigorous check of all ingredients by the expert chefs. On this occasion, Director POHTM informed students that the institute is going to launch the oil-free Biryani with complete nutritional food to all health conscious people at the POHTM. Maida Online Restaurant. Students greatly appreciated this initiative of POHTM.



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