Enhancing Airports Security Further | Be Ready For The New TSA Rules

WASHINGTON: The United States Government Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun implementing new rules aimed at tightening security at airports and for airlines and its passengers.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, 2017, some travelers may be interviewed at check-in counters and airport gates. This is going to lengthen the amount of recommended time passengers need to check in before their flights, likely at least an hour and a half and for some airlines, up to 3 hours before take-off.

Some airlines, such as Cathay Pacific Airways, are going to stop allowing passengers to do self-check-ins and self-bag drops for flights headed to America.

Coming soon, is the ban on electronic devices being allowed to travel in checked-in luggage. Going forward, these devices, such as laptops, e-readers, iPads and iPhones basically any device that uses a lithium battery, will need to be packed into carry-on baggage. There have been instances where the lithium batteries explode and catch fire in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

Although security measures appear to be getting more complex, most passengers are willing to comply in the name of safety. The US TSA is allowing some flexibility with airlines to meet conditions of the new rules. Passengers should check with their airline before flying, to assure a smooth check-in when they arrive.



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