Eid Celebrations | Established Major Domestic Tourism Event

ISLAMABAD: As usual on this Eid also, tourists thronged to Murree and surrounding areas to spend the Eid holidays as well as enjoy the beautiful rainy weather after a long spell of hot summer.

As nothing is much changed management wise, the majority of tourists complained of soaring prices of food items and other commodities, as well as the hike are rates of hotel rooms.

Police officials told that more than 12,000 vehicles entered Murree during Eid holidays. Here too, just like every year, this year also, the Murree Expressway was completely choked as thousands of tourist from across the country head to the Northern Areas. They had to spend long in travelling and could spent less time on destination as some of them came back just spending a night at desired destination.

In the last few years, authorities have been forced to close down further entry to the hill station owing to the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam along the highway.

Police have also asked visitors, especially those travelling on motorcycles, to restrict from parking on the roadside to take selfies as it leads to traffic jams.



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