Eco-Friendly Airports | CAA Asks Airlines To Stop Using Plastic Bags

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KARACHI: Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has directed all airlines, ground-handlers and other stakeholders functioning at the airports across the country to ensure use of environment-friendly biodegradable (disposable) shopping bags and stop using other plastic bags. The directives were issued during meeting of PCAA’s Executive Committee presided by secretary aviation PCAA Shahrukh Nusrat held other day.

He called for promotion of eco-friendly airports in-line with the drive of ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ as per the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan. He strictly directed all the concerned to discourage any step that could possibly damage environment. He also emphasised that it was necessary for the sustainable development that all the stakeholders should work together to make Pakistan’s airports eco-friendly.

“PCAA will certainly support any such initiative that will improve environment,” he said. Nusrat further said that the wrapping of passengers’ baggage in plastic covers for safety was being made mandatory and this would be applicable to both domestic and international passengers.

New plastic wrapping machines are being installed on urgent basis for wrapping of luggage of the passengers, as most of the airports have one single machine in their each check-in area, causing all-time rush of passengers. “Mandatory wrapping of baggage will not affect travelers financially, as the charges of such wrapping will be less than half of the current rates after installation of additional machines so that they may reach their destination along with their baggage without paying heavily,” he said.

To further improve facilities to passengers and meeters-greeters, a pedestrian ramp is being installed at Islamabad International Airport to mechanically connect level two and level three while installation of night landing facility at Gwadar International Airport has been planned.

The DGCAA also said that airports play a key role in giving first impression to the travellers from abroad.

“Hence, we should ensure that our airports should reflect our culture, civilisation and values, so that foreign passengers get good impression right after landing on Pakistani soil,” he said, adding that it would portray our good image all over the world.



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