Dubai is 13th Most Expensive City for Holiday

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DUBAI: The city of the world’s tallest tower has emerged as one of the most expensive destinations for travellers to spend their vacation in, according to the latest research.

In its annual report, airport transfer website Hoppa ranked Dubai as the 13th priciest place to visit in 2017, just behind London and ahead of other tourist hotspots like Paris, Vienna, Las Vegas and Singapore.

Hoppa reviewed 84 cities around the world and compared the price of a one night’s stay per visitor to find out where holidaymakers rack up the biggest spend. The expenses include the cost of a cup of coffee, a cocktail, a hotel room and a sightseeing bus pass among others.

In Dubai, a visitor can expect to spend £120.64 (Dh553) in one night, about Dh16 more than what one would spend in Paris (£11 6.99 or Dh537) and Las Vegas ( £115.12 or Dh528). On the other side of the spectrum, a one night’s stay in Sofia, Bulgaria will only cost £38.21 (Dh175) per person.

One of the things that make the emirate expensive is the price of a bottle of bubbly, with a premium Pinot selling for £30.64 compared to £18.06 in Bahrain. In contrast, a tourist visiting Manila can enjoy a good old pint for a tiny 38 pence — or barely Dh2.



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