Dubai Airport Wi-Fi | Fastest in Europe, Asia & Africa

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DUBAI: It’s now official: Dubai International Airport has the fastest internet connection among major passenger terminals around the world.

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Speedtest, which measures internet performance, has just released the results of its study using data for March to May 2017. It looked at speeds of free airport Wi-Fi and local cellular signals at the busiest airline hubs.

The results of the study showed that travellers won’t get disappointed if they have plenty of time to kill while waiting for their flight at Dubai International.  The free Wi-Fi at the airport emerged as the fastest in Asia, Europe or Africa.

Speedtest said that holidaymakers and business travellers jetting off to Dubai – or simply passing through- will find that, with the free Wi-Fi, they can send emails, post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter faster than they can load web pages or stream videos.

“Dubai reigns when it comes to free airport Wi-Fi. In fact, this airport has the fastest Wi-Fi we’ve seen at any airport in Asia, Europe or Africa,” Speedtest said. “Their average upload speed is even faster than their download.



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