Dubai Airport Installs | Most Fastest, Simplest & Secure Biometric security system

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DUBAI: Princeton Identity, simplest, fastest & most secure biometric security system on the market, has announced the deployment of its Access500e identity management kiosk module within the Dubai International Airport (DXB).

The Princeton Identity solution identifies DXB travelers within one to two seconds, reducing time spent in security lines and enhancing the overall travel experience. 

Dubai saw nearly 14.9 million international visitors in 2016, and is expected to surpass 20 million visitors by 2020. There are currently about 100 Access500e products in operation across DXB’s Emirates Airlines terminals, with plans to deploy about 40 more in the near future in order to support the influx of new international tourists.

“Princeton Identity and the Dubai International Airport share a goal of simplifying and speeding access to keep people and business moving, and the Access500e deployment at the DXB marks a new standard in passenger security,” said Mark Clifton, Chief Executive Officer at Princeton Identity. “Iris recognition is most reliable form of biometric identification, and the Access500e turns what used to be a slow process for travellers into a convenient, quick and more secure experience.”

Access500e is a fast, high quality face and iris biometric capture device  helps ensure verification of all travellers entering and leaving the country, seamlessly and efficiently. Princeton Identity partnered with the tech company Emaratech in fostering the implementation of Access500e into the terminals at DXB.

“DXB has always set a high bar in terms of innovative and future-forward experiences and we applaud the leadership team’s decision to tap the power of iris recognition to further enhance both traveller satisfaction and security,” added Clifton.

 A newly opened Princeton Identity International office in Dubai is dedicated to ensuring the continued success and expanded implementation at DXB. The office will also serve as the hub for Princeton Identity’s Middle Eastern and African regional offices, supporting territories ranging from Northern Africa to Eastern Europe and Jordan. Princeton Identity will use this new hub to further its work with organisations in the enterprise, healthcare, financial and government sectors in the Greater Middle Eastern region.                 



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