Cyan Looks Confident | PIA Is On Path of Recovery; CEO

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is on the path improvement & recovery and results of the last quarter of 2017 are showing the upward trends. Our aim is to cut down the losses and to improve customer service in order to bring back PIA amongst the competitive carriers of the world.

This was stated by CEO of PIA Musharraf Rasool Cyan during his official visit to Lahore, said a statement issued here on Tuesday, .

He said that we have already refurbished our entire fleet including Boeing 777s and Airbus A320s. Our goal is to be a more reliable and efficient service provider to bring back the confidence of our passengers, he said. PIA management mission is PIA to be leader and very soon we will achieve this goal, he added.

During his visit to the PIA facilities at the Lahore Airport he inspected all the operational areas and issued on-spot instructions for smooth handling of passengers. He also visited the PIA Training center, engineering facilities, technical ground services and Cargo terminal.

The CEO also visited PIA Town office where PIA District Manager on PIA passengers and cargo sales gave detailed briefings to him.

Speaking to the PIA sales team he emphasized upon improving the airline revenues within the available resources. He said that Lahore acts as one of the major stations, both for domestic and international travel, for the airline. He also stated that the management is looking forward to witnessing improvements in the revenue generated from Lahore.

He stated that after assuming the charge of the National Carrier he decided to revamp its services and in order to achieve this he first initiated the rationalization of PIA air routes and the positive results are being witnessed. He assured the employees that their suggestions regarding the betterment of the airline would be taken into account by the higher management.

Lastly, he said that he was confident that the airline will soon be one of the best Carrier in the Aviation Industry with the cooperation of its employees.




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