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Well, that’s only according to list of and the list is based on a whole different range of metrics and findings; from the number of amusement parks to the number of bars and restaurants, plus how close everything is together. So don’t waste time and start booking flights, because we’ve got the best of the best, right here.

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  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a huge number of museums, concert halls and ~cafes~, but is also famous for it’s quaint cities with reflective canals and friendly locals.

  1. Cyprus

Beautiful clear water washing up on windswept desolate beaches sound pretty good to us. Cyprus also has almost 200 national attractions, 31 casinos and 32 museums. Did someone say culture?

  1. Belgium

Small but mighty, Belgium has almost 300 national attractions, 50 museums and 45 amusement, animal and water parks. And don’t forget where Belgium waffles come from (hint, hint).

  1. United Kingdom

Do we really need to explain? There are concert halls, world-famous art galleries, Michelin Star restaurants, infamous bars and restaurants mixed in with a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We accept defeat at your hands, UK.

  1. Germany

Germany has the second highest number of amusement, animal and water parks, which all probably come second to its bustling cities. Plus, Oktoberfest.



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