Copter & Int’l Flights | Govt Plans for Gilgit-Skardu To Boost Tourism: CAA

KARACHI: Flight operations of international airlines and helicopter services for Skardu and Gilgit have been planned by the federal government to promote tourism, told Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official.

The details were shared by Director General CAA Khaqan Murtaza in a presser on Wednesday, August 11.

“We are planning to promote tourism in Gilgit, Skardu, and Chitral through operating big planes,” he said adding that foreign airlines have been given permission to operate flights in Skardu and Gilgit.

The Skardu airport has been given the status of an international airport with the new runway in the making besides also ensuring facilities for helicopter landing in these tourist areas.

The DG CAA said that the tourism operation will also be started for Gwadar, Turbat, and Mohenjo Daro. “Saidu Sharif airport has also been made operational,” he said.

Khaqan Murtaza said the UAE government has directed for rapid antigen COVID-19 test before departure from Pakistan airports and had designated certain laboratories for the purpose.

“We are providing every available facility to the passengers,” he said and added that most passengers are being offloaded from Islamabad and Peshawar airports after fresh restrictions.

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