Construction of LOG UK Model | Pakistan, Bangladesh Joint Workshop Held

KARACHI: Heritage Foundation and INTBAU Pakistan, with support from the British Council, and in collaboration with ZCEC, an off-shoot of Heritage Foundation, BRAC University, NED, DUET, and University of Lahore organized a three-day Joint Pakistan/Bangladesh Workshop (from February 18-20) for Construction of LOG UK Model at Denso Hall Rahguzar. Six students from Pakistan hailing from the University of Lahore and NED, under the supervision of Syeda Komal Fatima, and six students from Bangladesh from BRAC University participated in the workshop, physically and through zoom, respectively. Their activities were overseen by Naheem Shah and Ashfaq Ahmed of Heritage Foundation.

It may be noted that the workshop was conducted to prepare the students for engaging in a similar activity in London in March, during EMPOWERISTAN scheduled to take place at Granary Square from March 21 to March 25. EMPOWERISTAN aims to celebrate Pakistan’s milestone 75th anniversary of Independence during PK-UK 2022 Season that will be run by the British Council to explore the connections between UK and PK, their contemporary context, their future, and shared history of more than 400 years. EMPOWERISTAN’s activities will be part of the Season programming, highlighting the central role of women in revolutionizing sustainable architecture and design. Thus, the need for workshops for female students who will learn to construct the bamboo LOG (Lari OctaGreen), which they will later replicate in London during the Season.

The three-day workshop began with registrations and introductions of all the students followed by an introduction to the workshop by Ar. and founder of Heritage Foundation and ZCEC, Yasmeen Lari. Prof. Dr. Zainab Faruqui Ali of BRAC then gave an introduction on behalf of BRAC University after which the students got to work on the first phase of the installation of the LOG, working through the day and breaking only for lunch.



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