City’s Finest Iftaar | Marriott’s Nadia Takes The Lead

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KARACHI:  During Ramadan Nadia Café, Marriott Hotel Karachi arranges an extensive Iftaar & dinner buffet, which is consistently modified and improved each year.

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On 5th June 2018, the team of Holiday Weekly was invited to try out the Iftaar & Dinner buffet at Nadia & Terrace Café. To call the buffet extravagant would be an understatement.  A salad bar with an assortment of different forms of fresh and appetizing salads was beautifully arranged at the restaurant.  The buffet also consisted of an endless variety of cuisines including Pakistani, Chinese and Japanese food all cooked to perfection. There was also a live BBQ cooking station at the restaurant to provide guests with freshly prepared and exquisite food. A display of delectable desserts was also arranged at the restaurant.

With the restaurant packed to the rim it was evident that the Iftaar dinner at Marriott is a huge success as it should be. The team of Holiday Weekly would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a divine Ramadan feast.



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