Chef Christopher Jayaweera | A Passionate Creator Of Extraordinary Events & Menus

LAHORE: Chef Christopher Jayaweera is currently serving as the Executive Chef at
Pearl-Continental Hotel, Lahore. He is the driving force behind our culinary team.
Exposure to various cultures, familiarity with multi-cultural flavours and his love for
cooking has brought him to Lahore. He combines his passion for creativity with his
incredible skill to create memorable events and menus for our clients.

Spanning over a 25-year of professional hospitality experience in five-star hotels in UAE
and Sri Lanka, Jayaweera has spent five years at Hilton International Colombo, where
he was the Head Chef of Al Noukhaza Sea Food Restaurant. Christopher’s philosophy
is to make every experience unforgettable. He loves the range of food options available
in Pakistan. He says his culinary philosophy is to create authentic food that represents
who you are and where you are.

Passionate about learning, he takes influence from distinct cultures when he travels.
Jayaweera has been to almost every continent, soaking in different cultures, art and
cuisines and transforming them into an exquisite variety of fusion and original dishes.



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