CDA-KP Govt To Construct Skindar-e-Azam Road To Promote Gandhara Tourism

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ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)
government has joined hands for construction of Skindar-e-Azam road aimed at
promoting Gandhara tourism.
According to details, the 20 kilometer joint road project of CDA and KP government is
predicted to be completed in four months. However, it would take about six months to
carpet this road of Margalla Hills.
The CDA authority will carpet the 7.5 kilometre road from Margalla Expressway to
village Kainthla through via Shah Allah Dita while KP government would be responsible
to complete remaining part of Skindar-e-Azam road till Khanpur.
Completion of the road project will also be a shortest way between Islamabad and
Haripur in future, saving fuel and time as well. This will also lessen 30 minutes time to
reach Khanpur Lake.
National Highway Authority (NHA) and Frontier Works Organization (FWO) were
engaged in work on the project.



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