Calicut Int’l Airport | Now Open For Wide-bodied Aircrafts

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CALICUT: The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has announced the resumption of wide-bodied aircraft operations from Calicut International Airport by Saudia Airlines from Wednesday, 5 December.

Wide bodied aircraft operations were suspended from May 2015 due to safety reasons.  Subsequently AAI has taken action for strengthening and re-carpeting of the runway and grading of runway strip to cater to the requirement of heavy aircraft operations. In order to improve safety, AAI has also taken measures to increase the runway end safety area as directed by the regulatory authorities and installed simple touch down zone flights on both runways.

Further, a compatibility study and safety assessment were conducted in accordance with the ICAO guidelines as recommended by the joint DGCA-AAI inspection team to assess suitability of the aerodrome for the safe operation of wide bodied aircraft.

Based on the compatibility study report, safety assessment and risk mitigation measures, DGCA has issued NOC for wide bodied aircraft from Calicut airport.  Saudia is commenced their services with wide bodied aircraft (A330-300/B777-200ER) to Riyadh and Jeddah.



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