Building the Future of Pakistan | Hashoo Invests in Tourism & Hospitality: Lashley

KARACHI: While addressing the PTM gala dinner gathering consisting of the elite of travel & tourism industry, Ms. Lashley A. Pulsipher, Chief Marketing Sales and Revenue Officer Hashoo Hotels said that she feels honored to be a guest in Pakistan and to be able to work here and be part of driving the tourism industry in Pakistan.


She said, “One of things that have impressed me the most as an American living in Pakistan is the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is so alive and thriving in Pakistan.”

She said that she works for a company, ‘Hashoo Group’ that was started by an entrepreneur from the province of Balochistan to a massive company that has created more than five thousand jobs for people in Pakistan, which is something she is very proud to be associated with.

“Hospitality is one of the great industries where you can start as a bellman or a doorman and work your way up to General Manager or CEO and this upward mobility is something very unique to Pakistan where people from all walks of life can build an amazing life for themselves, they are not restricted by past or other things and have endless opportunities” she added.

Continuing she said, “One of the reasons why Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani invested in hospitality is because it gives ordinary individuals exposure to people from all over the world. If we just look around this room we see that the travel industry brings people from Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, America and from Pakistan working towards the good for everybody. Hashoo group is investing in the future of Pakistan and in the future of the tourism industry, which is why the first thing I did as Chief Marketing Officer at this company was to sponsor PTM. It was the first major thing that I did in my job and I am so happy to be one of the first sponsors.”

She stated that there are a lot of people missing from this room some of which are big brands who did not support this event. She wanted to congratulate those who did support this event for looking ahead. She added that the true patriots of Pakistan are those who are investing in businesses that offer jobs for other Pakistanis, people like the organizers of PTM that are spending money and building companies that offer opportunities to grow one of the largest industries and creator of jobs and one of the biggest source of foreign direct investment. In conclusion she added, “Hence, the true patriots are those who supported this event and those who are not here, try to be the part of next PTM and ply your due role for the growth of tourism and hospitality sector in the country.”



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