Building Brand Loyalty | Malaysia Airlines Partners With Amadeus

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines will adopt Amadeus Customer Experience Management, the ultimate tool for building brand loyalty through an understanding of each and every airline customer.

The technology will be fully integrated with the Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System, which Malaysia Airlines migrated to in mid-2017

The airline industry is highly competitive, and travelers now have more choices than ever before. This can make loyalty difficult to maintain, and to be successful, airlines need to tailor their services to what customers really want, so that they feel recognized and valued.

Delivering an excellent customer experience is core to Malaysia Airlines’ vision of the future, and with today’s agreement with Amadeus, the airline will put in place a key component that will help turn this vision into reality.

Amadeus Customer Experience Management is a cutting-edge solution that will help Malaysia Airlines intimately understand its customers and deliver highly personalised offers across all touchpoints, maximising every merchandising revenue opportunity. Does the customer usually purchase excess baggage? Have they had a negative experience that warrants a little something extra on their next flight? Do they prefer chauffeur service upon arrival? The technology takes data about the traveler from multiple sources, builds a 360-degree, real-time picture of who the traveler is, and integrates it with advanced personalization logic so that the airline can cater to their implicit expectations and explicit demands while travelling.

“Malaysia Airlines has always taken pride in delivering outstanding, warm hospitality, and we see an opportunity to do so with an even greater level of personalization. Technology offers us the ability to truly delight our customers, to know them better than ever before, and be able to propose to them the right offers at the right time through the right touch-point, all along their journey. This will be an important differentiating factor for Malaysia Airlines, and why we’re excited to adopt Amadeus Customer Experience Management,” said Captain Izham Ismail, Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director, Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

The solution helps airlines grow loyalty by exceeding traveler expectations – not only those of frequent travelers, but new and infrequent travelers as well.

Cyril Tetaz, Head of Commercial for Asia Pacific, Airlines, and Amadeus said, “We have deep respect for Malaysia Airlines. What the airline has achieved in the past year and what it continues to strive to achieve is incredible, and we are humbled to play a part in its transformation. Our vision of personalization in the global travel ecosystem is to reach every customer, while delivering a premium,

Amadeus IT Group and its affiliates and subsidiaries branded experience seamlessly and consistently across all touch points they interact with. Our flagship personalization solution, Amadeus Customer Experience Management, is a key piece in putting this puzzle together. We’re delighted that Malaysia Airlines has chosen it, and we are excited to continue working with Malaysia Airlines to adapt and evolve its products to go above and beyond meeting the needs of travelers.”



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