Brand Management Appreciated | Reforms in PIA Inevitable; Mahtab

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan reviewed Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) performance at the Aviation Division on Tuesday, 26 December and declared different reforms as unavoidable steps.

He lauded the recent initiatives for increased presence in the digital world, including on board activities for customer engagements, and the performance of the brand management department of Pakistan International Airlines. He said advancement in technology was a dire need of the time.

He appreciated the efforts being made by the management and said that V1 programme is on the track and PIA is recapturing its position and would sustain its desired status. He asked each and every employee to contribute towards betterment and a turnaround position in PIA.

“Soon we are going to meet this milestone with the help of the efficient officers and staff” he added.

PIA management gave a comprehensive briefing to the advisor regarding the performance of each department, including the engineering department’s rollout of seven 777 and four Airbus 320 aircrafts with new and refurbished interior, corporate planning, procurement and logistic, passenger handling services, flight operation, food services division, corporate development, and finance department.

During the meeting the new and higher targets were set for commercial& sales department of the airline.

Different gaps in technology sector and rooms for improvements in Pakistan International Airlines were also identified and it was decided to extend support to various sectors in general and technology in particular to ensure international standards.

PIA CEO Musharraf Rasool said strict timelines have been set so the passengers of PIA could enjoy the facilities that the best airlines of the world were offering.

Aviation Secretary and Pakistan International Airlines, Chairman Irfan Ilahi along with other heads of all the departments in PIA and other relevant officials of the Aviation Division also attended the meeting.



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