Boosting Tourism Activities | Pakistan and Tajikistan Can Mutually Benefit ; Ghafoor

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RAWALPINDI: Managing Director, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan hosted a meeting on tourism cooperation and dinner in honour of 6-member high-level delegation from Tajikistan in Rawalpindi.

The Tajik delegation was led by Head of the Department on Analysis and Foreign Policy Perspectives (Vision) of the Center for Strategic Research Tajikistan Hakim Abdulohi Rahnamo. Mr. Ghafoor greeted the delegation on arrival at Flashman’s Hotel, which was decorated with colorful banners, balloons and flags. Traditional dance and folk music programs were also presented.

While addressing the meeting Ghafoor said Pakistan and Tajikistan have very cordial muslim-brotherly relations established since long. The visit of delegation will further strengthen the ties between the two countries. Tajik airline’s request for operation of flights from Dushanbe to Islamabad is under consideration and for the purpose; Prime Minister’s advisor on aviation has already been requested for the support. He added that Visa on Arrival Facility will be introduced for group tourists for more countries.  He recommended that fully sponsored scholarship opportunities should be offered to youth in undergraduate / graduate degree in tourism and hospitality and Central Asian Countries help Pakistan in removal of negative travel advisories issued by Western Media.  Pakistan is completely safe and secure tourism destination for tourists from all over the world. The MD further added that Development of Road Link and operation of direct flights by National Airlines between Pakistan and Central Asian Republics is also essential for increasing tourist flow.

Ambassador of Tajikistan Jononov Sherali, said that in order to strengthen the tourism relations between Pakistan and Tajikistan, an establishment of a working group on tourism is already under consideration. Once names of the members are nominated by Pakistan, the working group will start functioning. PTDC and Tajikistan’s National Tourism Institutes can sign an agreement on cooperation in tourism sector, which will help boosting tourism of both countries.

Head of Tajik delegation Hakim Abdulohi Rahnamo said that entering in to agreement on tourism cooperation will definitely increase tourist flow between the two brotherly countries. Since its independence in 1991, Tajikistan has developed its tourist industry within a span of only 5 years. The hospitality of Pakistani people is unforgettable. Tajikistan government will offer sponsored training programs in the tourism sector for youth. The road link and flights will ensure increased flow to both the countries.

Other members of delegation include Head of the Department on Social Sciences Problem Studies Of the Center for Strategic Research Kurbonov Abdurahmon Sherovich, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan Mr. Abdurahmonov Marufjon, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Demography of the Academy of Sciences Mirsaidov Abror and Akbarov Akramhoja, Media Executive from National Information Agency of Tajikistan.



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