Boeing Unveils | New Hypersonic Jet Design

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PHILADELPHIA: Boeing has revealed an early concept for its first hypersonic passenger plane, giving a glimpse of what planes could look like in a few decades, said a report.

The futuristic plane, which was unveiled at an aerospace conference in Atlanta, could, in theory, fly as fast as Mach 5, or just under 3,900 miles per hour, giving it the ability to cross the Atlantic in about two hours, against the current duration of seven, reported.

Boeing CEO Mr.  Dennis Muilenburg is pushing the aerospace giant to explore the potential of ultra-fast passenger planes.

However, it will have to overcome some technical challenges with this concept. For example, it will need to develop materials that are lightweight enough to actually allow the jet to reach Mach 5 speeds, which is likely to take years.

“I think in the next decade or two you’re going to see them become a reality. We see future innovations where you could connect around the world in about two hours,” the report cited him as saying.



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