Better Tourism Infrastructure | KP Govt. Gets $50m Soft Loan


ISLAMABAD: The International Development Association (IDA) is agreed to provide $50 million soft loan to the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a tourism bases project to develop tourist sites including Chitral, Naran and Galliyat, it was learnt.

These sites are famous for natural habitats like lakes, rivers, streams, glaciers, forests, mountains, valleys and habitats of important biodiversity for both residential and migratory birds, and wildlife species.

The IDA, a soft loan window of the World Bank, is currently evaluating the project which will strengthen institutional capacity, increase private sector participation, and improve destination infrastructure in support of the tourism ecosystem in the province.

The `Integrated Tourism and Enterprise Development` in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa project is expected to be approved by the WorldBank executive directors by February 2018.

Chitral Valley at an elevation of 1128 meters has Afghanistan on its North, South and West, and is undoubtedly the most romantic, captivating and enchanting place in the majestic Hindukush range.

Located at 7,888 feet above sea level, Naran is the main centre of tourism in the Kaghan Valley, and situated on the bank of Kunhar River is also ideal for trout fishing.

Hill stations collectively known as the Gallis and the Kaghan valley are the best known parts of Hazara. Domestic and foreign tourists throng its cool and serene valleys during sizzling summer. Galliyat consists of Nathiagali, Dungagali, Thandiani, Ayubia, and Changlagali and Khairagali.

Roads will be developed, including `Havelian-Dhamtor bypass` and the Changla Gali-Makhniyal road under the infrastructure connectivity component. A resettlement policy will be prepared for the other components once the pilot sites have been finalised.



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