Batik Air | Touching Down in Vibrant Karachi, Pakistan

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In a landmark move, Batik Air, formerly known as Malindo Air, a decade-strong Malaysian airline company, proudly announces its expansion into Karachi, Pakistan, reinforcing its unwavering commitment to global connectivity.

Batik Air Group Director, Datuk Chandran Rama Muthy, shared insights on the expansion, stating, “This move marks a significant stride in our journey, further enhancing travel experiences for our valued passengers.”

Expressing gratitude to the government, ministers, and regulatory authorities of Pakistan for their pivotal role, Batik Air acknowledges their support in making this expansion a reality. Since May 2016, Batik Air has successfully operated daily services to Lahore, marking a significant milestone in its journey to enhance travel experiences between Malaysia and Pakistan.

Building on this success, Batik Air recently unveiled three weekly flights to Karachi, starting 18 November 2023, with the aim of growing into a daily service in the near future. 

This strategic move not only strengthens Batik Air’s foothold in Pakistan but also reflects the airline’s dedication to fostering both business and leisure travel opportunities in the region.

The ties between Pakistan and Malaysia have been instrumental in bringing traders and businessmen together, and Batik Air sees the Karachi expansion as a pivotal step in further enhancing these connections.

Chandran highlighted the unique characteristics of Karachi, describing it as a vibrant jewel in the heart of Pakistan, with a blend of traditions, languages, and cuisines that create a unique tapestry of existence. 

 “The airline is optimistic about the potential of this new route, aiming to contribute to the prosperous growth of the Karachi connection and expand its network in the Indian subcontinent and Asia Pacific markets,” he added.

Batik Air’s successful blend of excellent service, competitive fares, and efficient operations is expected to make the Kuala Lumpur-Karachi route a sought-after passage to Pakistan’s commercial gateway. 

The expansion is not only beneficial for travellers but also plays a significant role in strengthening the economic and cultural ties between Malaysia and Pakistan.

The latest B737-8 aircraft will be deployed to both Lahore and Karachi, with the Karachi services operated with a dual-class cabin aircraft. This is to cater to the high demand for business travelers to the commercial hub of Pakistan, which features 12 Business Class and 150 Economy Class seats.

As global travel evolves, the demand for seamless and enriching journeys to Malaysia is on the rise. Batik Air has been quick to recognize and respond to this growing trend. The allure of Malaysia’s vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and business opportunities has sparked an increasing interest among travelers worldwide.

Batik Air invites travellers to embark on this exciting new chapter, connecting Kuala Lumpur and Karachi, and looks forward to welcoming passengers on board as it continues to grow its presence in Pakistan 

Whether you’re seeking a business-class journey or an economical travel option, we have it all. Explore the diverse offerings and embark on a journey with Batik Air—where every flight is a step towards connecting destinations and creating lasting memories.



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