Bangkok Gets | New $2.2 billion Megacity & Mall

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BANGKOK: Iconsiam, the $2.2 billion megacity project of future living, has opened last week as an iconic landmark of Thailand’s eternal prosperity on the Chao Phraya River.

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It comprises two of the most glamorous retail complexes ever seen in the region, two of the most luxurious residential towers and the Seven Wonders at Iconsiam.

A new chapter of “destination development” history has been written with the opening of a project destined to be a great destination where the best of Thailand meets the best of the world.

The opening of Iconsiam also marks the bringing to life of the concept of ‘Creating Shared Value’ and ‘Co-Creation’ on a scale as never before been seen anywhere in the world.

The opening of the mega development was celebrated with spectacular shows and performances that symbolised how Thais have united with the world’s greatest talent to create a riverside phenomenon.

Chadatip Chutrakul, an Iconsiam Director, said: “Iconsiam is a destination born out of a great joint creative effort that has united the hearts of Thai people from many different walks of life. These people are capable and knowledgeable.

They are from local communities around the country – some are from the business sector and others from the public sector.

They include experts in various disciplines from many countries who love Thailand and want to contribute to a new symbol that can represent the vision of an era and be something that makes Thai people feel proud of being Thai, helps preserve and present Thainess for the next generation, while also making visitors from around the world fall in love and be impressed with Thailand.

As Thais, we are also proud that the world’s leading fashion and luxury brands trust and see the value of Thainess and have a truly impressive presence at Iconsiam. They collaborated with Iconsiam by thinking outside of the box and also collaborated with Thai artists, allowing them to create masterpieces that will glorify aspects of Thainess within their stores, for example, by using Thai silk or other Thai materials to decorate their shops.

It is a phenomenon that has never happened before in the world by these super brands.”

Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, Iconsiam’s Managing Director, said: “Iconsiam has opened the door to a megacity Dull of ‘superlatives’ and ‘first-ever’ wonders. Many of the world’s ultra-luxury brands have located their flagship stores in the stunning 25,000-square metre super luxury pavilion called ‘Iconluxe’ which is situated next to the river and has the longest pillarless glass façade in the world.

It is built with specially commissioned glass that is pleated around the building to create a nirvana of luxury worthy of the new landmark on the Chao Phraya River.

Iconsiam houses the world’s best-known luxury brands with flagship stores that are also globally iconic stores. The ‘icons within icon’ concept was created by Iconsiam to present luxury brands within duplex maisons inside the sensational Iconluxe.

More than 7,000 leading brands of the world and Thailand will have their presence in Thailand, many for the first time and with new concepts and special products exclusively at Iconsiam.

He said: “To make Iconsiam a new landmark of Thailand we asked brand owners to present their brand stories and integrate them into their store designs. We wanted Iconsiam to be the first development to have the most exciting and most complete story-telling around the brands.”



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