Arif Alvi Welcomes | COTHM Team At President House

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Islamabad: A team comprising of students and management had the opportunity to meet and talk with President Arif Alvi when the team visited President House on 14th January.

Led by a coach Miss Neelma Gul and supervisor Mrs Sadia Fuad, the students took questions from the President on their decisive victory in International Eurhodip Challenge 2020.

It is pertinent to mention that over 100 teams from 39 countries submitted their entries for this year’s competition, out of which 10 were shortlisted. The theme of this competition revolved around the role of a digital influencer in promoting a hotel brand amongst hotel school students.

The COTHM team comprised of 3 student members, Syed Mubashar Ali, Syed Hammad Bukhari and Abdul WahabAwan. Ms. Sadia Fuad and Neelma Gul served as the team’s coach while Mr Zaheer supervised the entire project with great zeal. Technical support was extended by Sarmad, Waqasand Adnan.

Not only met the President Alvi, but talked to him about a range of issues, including the importance of degree with skills, the need of vocational training, provision of employment opportunities and human resource development.

President Alvi lauded the collective efforts of faculty and students who managed to bag 1st position in international Eurhodip Challenge 2020 organized by Stenden Hotel Management School.

COTHM recruits, trains and develops outstanding professionals in the field of hospitality. The college leads the academic element and its founder, Mr Ahmad Shafiq added:

“It is really pleasing that the government and the President is finally taking an active interest in the education and vocational training in the field of hospitality and tourism.

“College of Tourism and Hotel Management continues to go from strength to strength and is proud to be playing such a major part in this exciting new development,” said Mr AhamdShafiq CEO and Founder COTHM.

“The University of Bedfordshire is at the forefront of innovative practice in social work higher education and we are delighted to be involved in delivering the Frontline Programme, which is making a major contribution to social work education and having a positive impact in support of vulnerable children.”

“When he was speaking to us, it was clear that he really valued our opinions and wanted to answer questions in the way most helpful to us,” the coach said. “He kept the mood light, making jokes, and it was great to see the genuine, funny and compassionate person behind all of the public appearances and policy decisions,” added a student.

Speaking to the team, the president answered a number of acute questions on employment, the necessity to raise scholarships and ensured government’s assistance to COTHM in future.

Traveling to Islamabad and meeting with the President and other Government Officials, was an experience the students and management of the college will never forget. What a perfect start to the New Year!



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