Amadeus Pakistan Leads | Digital Transformation At ATM 2024

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DUBAI:  Amadeus Pakistan marked a significant milestone in this year’s Arabian Travel Market by signing on several renowned Pakistani travel agencies to the innovative Amadeus Online Suite. This move underscores Amadeus’ commitment to empowering travel companies with cutting-edge technology solutions, enabling them to seamlessly transition from traditional business models to a digital-first approach, encompassing B2C and B2B operations.

The Amadeus Online Suite is a complete tool that helps create an OTA. It is designed to streamline and optimize travel agency online bookings and operations. With its user-friendly platform, managing online bookings becomes effortless, and the mobile app adds to the convenience of using it on the go.

Amadeus empowers agencies with the technology they require to thrive in the digital age and has successfully created many success stories. This year’s ATM showed a significant increase in interest from travel agencies based in Pakistan. This reflects the growing trend of online purchases in the country. Consumers are now more inclined to use digital channels for booking their travels, prompting agencies to adapt their services accordingly.

The leading travel agencies have adopted the Amadeus Online Suite, positioning themselves to capture a larger share of the online travel market.

The leadership  said, “At Amadeus Pakistan, we are delighted to announce that we have added these esteemed Pakistani travel agency brands to the AOS community. The implementation of the Amadeus Online Suite is a demonstration of their dedication to digital transformation, enabling them to better serve the changing requirements of modern-day travel consumers. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both travel agencies and their customers, who will benefit from a more streamlined and effective travel booking process.”



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