Airbus Cancels | 50 Planes Contract With Qatar Airways

DOHA: After refusing to take any more A350s until the problem is fixed, Airbus has terminated its 321neo contract with Qatar Airways.

Airbus canceled an order for 50 single-aisle A321neo jets from Qatar Airways worth more than a billion dollars. The Associated Press reports that Airbus confirmed its decision to terminate the contract for the A321neo while Qatar Airways is embroiled in a legal battle over the grounding of the larger A350 plane.

Qatar Airways announced in December that it would sue Airbus in London over what it said was the accelerated surface degradation of the wide-body A350. There was no other option for Qatar Airways, which has grounded 21 of its jets.

The termination of Airbus’ 321neo contract follows its refusal to take any more A350s until the problem is fixed. With the month-long FIFA 2022 World Cup beginning on November 21, Qatar Airways will rely on the long-haul A350 to handle the increased inflow of passengers.



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