Abundance of Hospitality | Finnish Hitchhikers Travel through Pakistan

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SUKKAR: A Young Finnish couple travelling the world, last week they reached in Sindh, while hitch hiking along the way.

The couple that arrived in Sukkurare being termed ‘ambassadors of peace’ for their journey that aims to promote tourism in countries that are generally perceived as being ‘unsafe’.

The Finnish couple that has reached Pakistan while travelling across thirteen countries had some good things to share about the people of Pakistan.

“We think in Pakistan we’ve met people who are more hospitable than the ones we have ever met in our lives. It’s amazing,” says the couple.

The couple reached Sukkur via Balochistan and aimed to continue its journey while hitching rides from the locals. They couple Visited  historical and tourist sites of Sukkar and they also met the notables and citizens of the city.

The couple said that they added Pakistan to their route in order to portray the true and positive image of Pakistan while breaking the stereotypical misconceptions that prevail around the globe.



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