Destinations of the World-Pakistan Organizes | 5th Outstanding Award Ceremony 2018 -19

KARACHI: To honor the top travel partners of Karachi for their outstanding performance, an impressive event was organized by the Destination of the World-Pakistan at Marriott hotel Karachi last week. Mr. Tariq Bin Yousuf, General Manager, Destination of the World-Pakistan welcomed the guests at the 5th outstanding award ceremony 2018 -19.

During the ceremony, state of the art online Umrah (Umrah Holidays International) service was also launched. The award ceremony was attended by dignitaries, consul generals and top travel trade partners of Destination of the World. Mr. Tariq Bin Yousuf thanked all the distinguished guests in his speech for their trust that has made this partnership a winning partnership. A lucky draw was also held during the ceremony and the winners took home complementary stay vouchers of the Five-star hotels.

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