Famous Paraglider | Shiraz Passes Away In Chitral Accident

LAHORE: Khawaja Shiraz Nasir, famous paraglider hailing from Lahore crashed in Dolomos area in Chitral when turbulent weather made his glider collapse mid-air. He was flying from Moghlasht to Charira in his glider, a frequent flier with a lot of flying hours to his credit, when it fell from high altitude due to stormy winds.

Nasir’s backbone was fractured due to the impact and was rushed to DHQ hospital but he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries on the way.

Shiraz Nasir was one of the first persons in Pakistan to introduce the idea of taking groups of people on mountainous expeditions towards the North. He was a pioneer in the tour operating industry of Pakistan and was the founder of Adventure Travel Pakistan (ATP), which is one of the most successful tour operating companies in the country.

Shiraz strived to improve and contribute to the tourism industry in Pakistan through his work resulting in a significant increase in tourism in the country. He actively participated in tour operating conferences around the world, encouraging not only his countrymen to explore Pakistan but also attracting foreign tourists to venture into the North as well. Through his company Shiraz used to bring scores of tourists to Chitral and other northern areas of Pakistan for adventurous activities.

His body was sent to Lahore from Chitral via ambulance where he was buried on Thursday, August 22.

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