Promoting Pakistan Through Art | Raja’s Cityscapes & Landscapes win Hearts

FAISALABAD:  Mr. Shafiq Raja has been attached with fine arts since 20 years. He paints with oil colur, brush and knife.  Many certificates and awards have been awarded to him in different exhibitions. His work shows that he has great interest in cityscape, landscape and calligraphy. He learns from his teacher Shoukat Raja and takes guidance from other senior also. Shafiq thinks that a man learns through his life, art can influence one’s life. He brings peace and happiness to the people  through his  art.

Shafiq thinks of his paintings as sharing an isolated moment, keeping it alive and making it timeless. As he sees it,” I’m always pushing forward, because art is a language that people add to. If people emulate my work then that’s a positive thing, its very complimentary.”

In terms of process, Shafiq begins with traditional pen and paper sketches, working more from experiences rather than life, he feels that there can be nothing more done to improve a work of art, before he can share it, in terms of influences; he is inspired by his teacher 

He used to reach out to older artists when he was younger and everyone he contacted was helpful, so contacting artists you are interested in his advice.

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