Delving Into Italian Cuisine | Avari Hosts ‘Italian Food Festival’

KARACHI: Asia Live, the popular dining spot at Avari Towers Karachi is currently hosting ‘Italian Food Festival’ for the food lovers of Karachi to relish.

The extensive and purely authentic buffet consists of dishes prepared using distinctive set of flavors, recipes, products, and ingredients that are found in Italian Cuisine.

A wide array of dishes including Minestrone soup, Lasagna, Linguine Arrabiata, Tuna Steak with Pesto, Risotto, Pizza and many more were displayed, all cooked to perfection.  There was also a display of fresh salads along with different types of dressings, cheese trays with an endless variety of different types of cheeses and a mouthwatering dessert bar. 

For all the people in Karachi in search for a taste of Italy should definitely visit Asia Live for the ambrosial Italian food that they are offering.

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