Qawwali Night | A Memorable Ramzan Event At Beach Luxury

KARACHI: The management of Beach Luxury Hotel , led by its General Manager & Corporate Director Sales Avari Group of Hotels,  Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, organized a Qawwali Night evening of music followed by  Sehri with our traditional food items.

The memorable evening featured Jamshed Sabri Qawwals, who gave enthralling presentations of famous Qawwalis of Legendary Amjad Sabri, which enchanted the elite of the city Karachi.

The Qawali Night was a part of the Marhaba Ramzan programme of Hotel Beach Luxury. Qawals spellbound the audience with the skilful rendition of the poems of Sufis and poets. The Qawwal took the listeners in the land of complete ecstasy with his qawalis.

After the Qawali, a wide buffet was displayed for the guests with an endless variety of ambrosial food for sehri. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food.

Talking to Holiday Weekly Azeem said; “Our hotels, besides in hospitality business, are the hub of entertainment activities and seriously recognize the importance of culture and arts, and never neglects the legends’ contributions in their respective fields”.

Qawali is enlightenment itself. The lines and verses which come out from the qawal’s soul directly reach yours and stir your mind and soul. 

Mr. Qureshi, also thanked the full house audience for their appreciations and, observing that Music fills all pieces of our souls! He assured them that such evenings would remain a regular feature of this Hotel. The audience applauded the General Manager’s Spirit.

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