Enthronement of The Emperor | Japnese CG Hosts Grand Reception

KARACHI:  The Consul-General of Japan in Karachi, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura,hosted a grand reception at his residence to celebrate the enthronement of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Naruhito.

After three decades, Heisei era came to an end and Japan entered a new era, Reiwa,from May 1. The name of the new era, Reiwa, means “beautiful harmony.” This name was taken from the oldest existing poetry anthology “Manyoshu” and it represents a culture being born and nurtured by people’s hearts brought together in a beautiful manner.

On the occasion, Consul-General of Japan in Karachi, Mr. Isomura, hoped that the new era continues to bring peace and economic prosperity to Japan as well as to all other countries in the new era and that the people from Japan and Pakistan work hand in hand to enhance the friendship furtherer. Mr. Isomura also invited the guests to visit Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics as well as to his hometown, Osaka, which won the rights to host the 2025 World Expo.

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