New Visa Policy | Religious Tourism Will Promote In Pakistan Envoy

WASHINGTON: Pakistani ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan has said that the new visa policy is aimed at promoting religious tourism in Pakistan.

Addressing an Iftar dinner at the Pakistani embassy in Washington, the ambassador said Pakistan has demonstrated religious harmony by opening Kartarpur corridor.

Khan said the purpose of arranging an Iftar dinner at the embassy was to share the blessings of Ramazan and promote interfaith harmony and mutual understanding.

Earlier in the week, US President Donald Trump hosted an Iftar dinner for the Muslim members of his administration and top diplomats from various countries at the White House.

Ramadan is a time when people join forces in pursuit of hope, tolerance, and peace, US President Donald Trump had said.

During this month of worship, Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown and focus on prayer and spiritual life to deepen their devotion to god.

“Ramadan is a time of charity, of giving, and service to our fellow citizens. Ramadan is a very special time. It’s a time to draw closer as families, neighbors, and communities,” Donald Trump had said.

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